Levi’s 501 Stay True Launch

Levi's 501 Stay True Launch


Levi’s 501 Stay True Launch

Although denim pants have been around as workwear for years, it was the first use of rivets that created what we now call jeans.

“Waist overalls” was the traditional name for work pants, which is what these first jeans were called. The word jeans became more popular around 1960 when the baby-boom generation adopted the term for its favourite type of pants.

Levi Strauss jeans are undoubtedly the worlds most worn jeans, and with the launch of the new 501 range you can be sure of something special. The month of May was the Levi’s anniversary, and asked everyone… Do You Know Your Truth?

Did you dare enter the “Truth Booth”…? To tell your inner most truth to the world? Could you admit your own personal truth to yourself? Levis is asking for 501 truths to make a truth book to celebrate their new collection. Why? They want you to be true to yourself, your beliefs and your own individuality. Go to www.ap.levi.com to record your truth.

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Fashion is about personal taste, style and desire. What do you feel like when you get dressed up… casual, smart or do you just want to make a statement? Levis are not just for the young, they are for everyone. As with all clothing styles, you will find different cuts for different people… only you can decide how YOU want to look.

As exhibited at the recent Levi’s launch, street wear will continue to express is many different styles, as we live in such a diverse society would be hard not have fashion items that are just as diverse as the styles we have created for ourselves. Jean wear is now accepted in all areas of business, not just as a casual wear, but in some industries as the norm of day-2-day business wear. Whilst it may not be suitable for those in the CBD or more professional or governmental industries, it has been, and will remain accepted in areas such as advertising, retail and of course, the entertainment industry.

After all, denim is comfortable, robust and casual as well as smart, fashionable and in some cases damn sexy!!! Levis 501 jeans are best known for their use of metal studs, as well as that they make your butt look GREAT!!! So as you can see it is your own personal taste that make what you wear & how you wear it your own personal truth.

Stay true to yourself!!!

The new Levis 501 range is so unique, it’s the first time that this writer has come across a range of jeans that have limited edition serial numbers. The range is limited to 4900 in the men’s range and only 2700 in the ladies range worldwide, with only 100 being available in Singapore of the men’s and 50 of the ladies’. So if you didn’t get a pair today, sorry, you have missed out! Apart from the serial numbers, what makes this new range so special?

We asked the people that know… they said that all people who go through life will get scarred in someway… those that do and come out the better for it are stronger than those that hide and experience nothing. So, the new range has scars and will create an individuality that can only come from an individual! “That’s right. We wanted to create a style that celebrates truth as well as individuality”.

The truth sets you free!!! Be free, be the person you were meant to be… YOURSELF!