Kate Spade

Mass generic dressing isn’t very interesting and playing the fashion game can sometimes be exhausting. In contrast, rooted in timelessness and not trend, Kate Spade exists in a world of its own. Kate’s designs are inspired by elegance silhouettes, simplicity, functionality and sophisticated use of colour with a whimsical twist.

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Combined with Kate’s innovative use of textiles, refined craftsmanship, & high enduring quality leather goods, the end products are clean, modern shapes but with a nod to the classics and an element of surprise. This is the Kate Spade signature style.

I personally like Kate Spade new Spring/Summer ’06 White Santiago Bag. This white nautical iconic bag from the New York luxury accessories house is the epitome of style, timelessness and artistry.

It is the prefect accessory for a stroll through the cobble-stoned Orchard Road or sandy Sentosa in one of these striking wicker bags, in neutral, black, or white with contrasting vanchetta trims. For the woman of today seeking a stylish accessory that makes a bold statement, a handbag is the one item to be worn with a complete outfit. Experience the Kate Spade spirit with its elegant, artful design.

In addition to the handbag and accessory collections, Kate Spade stores carry a variety of exclusively offered items such as shoes, sunglasses, scarves, and gloves. Add a Santiago Bag to your beautiful printed sundress, for instance, and the impact you receive is classic chic with a touch of wit.

Check out Kate Spade @ www.katespade.com