Kameo’s Boyfriend Arm’s Pillow



Snuggle up ladies…

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a product for the single girl in need of some manly comfort while she sleeps. Called the “Boyfriend Arm Pillow” it’s shaped like a big cuddly arm which will hold you all night without needing to call in the real thing.

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The product of the Japanese bed linen maker Kameo, they say the pillow is not only an emotional comfort, but that it’s shape keeps the body balanced by supporting the sleeper from both sides.

Sleepers typically curl up in between the body of the pillow and the crooked arm, with the sleeper’s head resting on the pillow’s “bicep.” The company already sold more than 1,000 pillows since its launch last year.

It costs $34.95 dollars and is currently only sold via Amazon.com.