Jus N°1: Blugirl’s First Perfume

The brand’s main characteristic is a fresh sense of humour: an unusual and, in its own way, eccentric key to interpreting fashion and style in the Blumarine world. Romanticism makes for the direct identifying link with Blumarine. The prominence of colour varies according to the season and to the collection yet is always a major factor in the Blugirl style.

Deep down the brand has a distinctly youth soul, but rather than any specific age group this essential attribute reflects an ideal concept, an attitude, a unique and personal vision of style. Jus N°1 captures the Blugirl spirit in the form of an original fragrance, a sweet unique concept, a promise of happiness for a romantic girl with a perky eccentric streak. Ironic, elegant, vivacious!

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Here comes Jus N°1. The first Blugirl perfume from Blumarine. A romantic fragrance, sweetly sassy, a juicy essence for a glam girl with a bubbly personality. The name Jus captures the young, modern, international spirit of the fragrance. Of the moment too, for N°1 has a double connotation. Not only is this the first perfume under the Blugirl label, it’s the first time ever N°1 marks the name of the product. A girly refresher with alcoholic base to signal the total fun of being somewhere between woman and contemporary teen… for a fragrance to remember, with a story to tell!

The Bottle: Joyous Romantic Glamour

Pure luxury. Romanticism with a playful, irreverent and ironic twists. The octagonal base bottle with elegant blue ribbon holds a romantic charm, while the cockades in pastel nuances add a sassy-sweet touch of irony. The brilliance of the finely cut glass exalts the beauty of the three cockades decorating the bottle. Delicately shaded in Aqua, Pink and Sky, they heighten the sense of refinement and at the same time frame the name of the perfume in blue relief lettering. Completing the design is a crystal stopper with distinctive Jus N°1 engraving.

Luxury and glamour: the packaging makes a playful statement, with a sassy ironic flair. The ribbon cockade, ever emblem of Number Ones, conveys eccentric wit, and in framing the name of the perfume becomes the project’s signature element. The box, tactilely soft and rich, is of an aqua green hue shading into sky blue. Focus of attention is the name of the perfume in bright blue relief lettering encircled by an azure cockade with piping in the same pastel nuances as on the bottle. A gorgeous rainbow subsiding in the elegance of lucent silver.

The Essence: Jus N°1

Fresh Sensuality. Exquisite Femininity. Fanciful Romanticism. It’s the dawning of Jus N°1. The world’s first juicy essence. A mere few drops. Sweet escape. Spring dream. A perfume finding definition in a clearly original and elegant style with a fanciful-eccentric twist. Jus N°1, a true concentrate of emotions, an original fragrance, a promise of happiness for a young, free-spirited woman, romantic, sunny, sassy, ironic, vivacious with an eccentric streak too!

Top: Fresh Sensuality. Jus de… White Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine, Litchee, Pear

Heart: Exquisite Femininity. Sand & Sea Accord, Bubbly Champagne, Accord of Sparkling Flowers (Jasmine, Freesia, Magnolia Petals)

Base: Fanciful Romanticism. Sensual Accord of… Musks, Sandalwood, Modern Amber, Touches of Vanilla

Olfactive Family: Sparkling, Floral, Sunny, Musky

Nose: Christine Nagel