It’s Travel Time

In Budapest, Prague and London people always ask us fashionistas how we manage to look so good when we climb out of the long-distance bus or some dirty ex-commie train…

Now I will answer those questions by sharing some tips on how to look good on the road, no matter what… After you’ve avoiding getting mugged, scammed, sick, or nowadays even kidnapped, there is the need to stay in touch with the latest travel fashions. Rarely fashion magazines and TV shows go away from the skinny models and celebrities to give some real tips about how to look good when it’s needed on the road.

Might be, because it is very difficult to give exact advice on how to look good for a trip or tell what to pack because everyone has a different style. However some items are basic to look fabulous no matter what are you up to.

Now, finding an easy and cozy style is very important when you are packing your suitcase. Sporty ready-to-wear clothes are the best option. Also finding a good pair of jeans is in most cases very useful. Jeans are like the armor that all the gladiators used in the past to fight in. They are generally made of a very thick fabric, there is no need to iron them and you can wipe your sweat (and blood) on them without making too much of a stain. As a complement, get a hooded top, it is a very helpful item especially if there is a rainy day or you are just too lazy to do something nice with your hair.

Get a comfortable pair of sport shoes too. Sandals don’t always make the cut, especially on immigration matters; some times places are really, really, dirty and walking for hours can really hurt your feet. Boots are not practical as they are generally heavy and very warm, and a bad look if you are in a tropical or very warm weather country. If you are too fancy and your fashion spirit doesn’t leave you alone, you can also pack a casual pair of shoes to look hype at some point. You don’t need more than two pairs be practical, so think ahead.

Other advice will be to be smart. Yes, you heard it right; be intelligent. If you are going to hang out with a bunch of grungy hippies or dirty rockers, there will be some moments when you need to look the part. Sharing with your dirty friends doesn’t mean you need to be one of them or even worse sacrifice your fashion sense for it. Put on a little bit of make up, a white classic shirt or simple flowing dress and you will pass from trashy to flashy in minutes.

Smelling good is also very important so please, if you don’t want to wash your hair, bring some nice deodorant so you can use your arms freely without stinking out the whole room. Put some nice fresh smelling incense in one of the pockets of your bag, so your clothes will smell good no matter what’s happened to it. Please do not use perfume on yourself if you haven’t taken a shower, it is nasty and cheap.

Finally (and this is perhaps the best advice I can give), try to fit in with your location. If you are traveling to a coastal city, bring nice, fresh and light color outfits with you.

Don’t try to be all in black and wear clothes made of icky and thick materials. On the other hand, if you go to a very active and cosmopolitan city you will want to turn the volume up a little higher, allowing yourself to wear more make-up and stylish and shiny clothes.

Don’t go insane packing a bunch of useless things, just be practical and comfortable. Remember; fashion it is not only about wearing evening gowns and suits; it is also about being sassy without being trashy.

Photo: Sara Révai