It’s Rolfing Time!

In case you start wondering what Rolfing is, read on…

Rolfing is the science, art and philosophy of integrating the human structure in the field of gravity through soft-tissue manipulation and movement education.

Rolfing is an original and scientifically validated system that releases the body’s segments – legs, torso, arms, etc. – from life-long patterns of tension and bracing, and permits gravity to re-align them.

By doing so, it balances the body. Meet Vincent Lee, the ONLY Certified Rolfer in Singapore over a 4-hour session which covers the following:

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1: Introduction on Rolfing & the Rolfer – what is this about, who needs Rolfing, what are the benefits and purposes.

2: Personal posture assessement by Vincent (this is a must-to-go-through process before any treatment is to begin to assess where are the problem areas to work on)

3: Simple DIY massage techniques that you’ll be able to master and apply on the spot! (So, it’s highly recommended that you bring a friend or partner along!)

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