iPod Nano

MP3 Players just got sexier…

Apple’s really milking the music cow for all it’s worth. Fast on the heels of its iPod Mini version 4 is its latest beauty, the Apple iPod nano.

And this baby is beautiful. (You wonder how come Apple’s designers are always one ahead of the rest of the crowd. There must be something in that milk they’re drinking.)

It’s 42 grams, and wafer thin, and sports a brilliant 16-bit LCD screen for photos and such.

It has its faults. Average battery life, still no FM radio, and 8 gigs of memory isn’t fantastic at S$350+. But you’re buying a lifestyle, not just a gadget.

And cased in fabulous black or pure white, it’s a fashion statement. So either ride the first wave of this slick shick, or wait for un-Creative to come up with Muvo ninny, the exact duplicate.