In praise of Vintage T-shirts

Find yourself mourning the biodegradation of your Who’s That Girl tour shirt? Vintage T-Shirts, a new book by two London t-shirt sellers, hits shelves later this month.

It promises to be a full-colour photo-retrospective of the wardrobe staple, with more than 500 tees to get nostalgic about.

Vintage T-Shirts is a phenomenal celebration of the ever-popular t-shirt, which brings together old favourites from the 1970s and 1980s.

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With more than 500 uncommon examples, this book documents history by examining this ubiquitous and affordable article of clothing. With full colour photographs throughout, Vintage T-Shirts is a must have for t-shirt collectors, fashion buffs, and pop culture junkies alike.

And if you’re a real fan of vintage t-shirts, point your browser to, an on-line shop set up by local t-shirt lovers hoping to get fresh and unique T-shirts to Singaporeans.

VINTAGE T-SHIRTSThey’ve established the first part of their mission by collaborating with two cult T shirt labels from the US: Vintage Vantage (pictured, right) and Urban Arts Research and¬†Marketing.

The designs and quality of these shirts are certainly a notch above what you’ll typically find on the racks here in Singapore.

The brands are exclusive to All The Rage and cannot be found anywhere else. Us Thinkers believe you’ll really love the shirts they have on offer.