Icuiti DV920 Video Eyewear

Watch when you go? If you want to watch a movie while you’re on the go, but you can’t stand looking at Angelina Jolie’s boobs on a tiny 4 inch screen.

Enter the Icuiti DV920, a video eyewear fresh out of CES 2006 that offers you an illusion of a immensely larger 42-inch screen viewed from about 10 feet away. Weighing around 99 grams for the display unit, it’s reasonably light for use while on the train or public transport.

Running on two AA alkaline batteries, the DV920 can be kept going for up to 4.5 hours, which keeps it in line with the iPod 60GB’s battery life.

Just make sure you watch where you’re going, or you’re gonna regret the damage bumping into a lamp post will do to this pretty.

The bespectacled can use it, too, since it comes with two independent dioptric adjustments (approx. +2 to -6 diopters). With a pair of this baby on our nose bridge, Ridge Racer on the PSP will probably never look better.