i-Jam MP3 Player

Long before Apple joined the portable MP3 player revolution, it was damn hard to find a good MP3 player that was compatible with the Mac.

But there was one bright light on the market, the i-Jam MP3 Player. Itincludes a USB interface which means it connects up to iMacs and iBooks easily.

And it comes in a rainbow of colors– which may be useful for some people. But color and Mac support are the only things that makes this player stand out. Otherwise, it’s an overpriced 32MB player.

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The company released it for around US$400. That’s about $200 more than competing 32MB players on the market. You can pick them up now for $3 on the bargain tables.

The color and USB interface do not justify the premium. When asked about this, a company rep pointed to the new removable memory used – from SanDisk – as justification.

The new media is smaller than compact flash or Smart Media, but it’s still new and unproven which ought to justify a lower price, than higher. At any rate, if you have a Mac, consider the i-Jam MP3 player, one of the best of the little players out there.