How to Choose a New Shower Head

Nowadays you don’t have to be content with the basic, small, and average showerhead that simply directs water downwards. The modern showerhead doesn’t have to be standard. Your showerhead can give you a rain shower, provide steam for a relaxing rest, or adjust to give you a personalised spray, and many other options besides. Just one look at the amount of showerheads on display in the hardware store or bathroom store is enough to show you what choice you have. Is now the time to switch your showerhead? Take a look at our hints and tips for a successful shopping experience.


Look at the Different Positional Options

The most traditional showerhead is mounted on the wall, and is attached to the control panel with a hose. But you still have a considerable amount of choice in wall-mounted showerheads, including showers where you can adjust the water pressure and flow, pick different spray options, and even customise the settings to suit each individual user. Other wall-mounted showerheads have been designed for areas with a lot of hard water build-up, or to prevent corrosion. On the other hand, you can choose a showerhead that is mounted at the top of the shower cabin. This is often called a rain shower and it delivers a heavy deluge of water – perfect for enjoying a soaking in the morning or the evening. Showerheads can also be mounted onto a sliding bar where you can adjust the height or the location depending on who is using the shower. Or, you can choose a handheld showerhead. If you don’t want to choose between a wall-mounted and a handheld option, you can also go for both at the same time – ideal when you need the handheld head to wash kids or pets.

Consider Luxury Options

Rain head showers can be the luxury choice when it comes to a simple showerhead, but you can also choose an entirely new shower experience – modern shower cabins come with positional jets, body-massage water jets to surround you as you shower, and steam settings to turn the shower into a steam room. Luxury options take the traditional showerhead way beyond the norm – and you benefit from a supremely relaxing or invigorating shower experience. Take a look at the shower cabins at for some more inspiration.

Consider ease of Use

If you are replacing the showerhead in the master bathroom then you can largely do whatever you like, but if you are changing the shower in the guest bathroom, or the children’s bathroom, you need something that is easy to operate and which can be safely used without you having to give in-depth instructions. A more traditional showerhead or a rain head shower will be ideal for the guest bathroom. Also consider your water usage if you are fitting a new luxury shower – most times you will see your water consumption rise so make sure that you have a decent sized water tank and no problems with hot water supply.


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