How disposable tableware becomes a masterpiece

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Possibly, yet the simpler a thing is, the more beautiful it is… especially when it’s WASARA, a paper dish for one-time use. But one-off doesn’t mean cheaply made!

WASARA is eco-tableware, designed by Japanese designers. It is not simply a set of paper plates, bowls, mugs, sushi plates, or serving platters made for one-time use either… It is something more… it’s something that sets your imagination free…

What makes WASARA so remarkable? The answer; its design, its forms… really sophisticated ones. This tactile-based ware has the concept of Japanese aesthetics. Pure lines, organic forms, gentle texture. Nothing inappropriate… And what about those slight curves in the plates to fit around person’s hand? Thoughtful, isn’t it? In addition, you’re not overwhelmed with unnecessary features; you can simply taste your food and enjoy your life!

This collection includes maru, kaku, nagaku and wasara for plates; bowl, compote and choko for dishes; and tumble, wine cup and coffee cup. So it’s up to you to decide what you will arrange: "coffee-klatch" or supper party. But be sure, with WASARA it will be top-flight.

Though WASARA is one-time-only ware, it carries a really great mission – a mission to save our earth. Living on the Earth we have to take care of it. Made of reed cellulose and sugar cane trash, it can be easily reprocessed. After serving people’s needs, WASARA always returns to the earth… Isn’t that fantastic?

So get WASARA ware and arrange a dinner or party for your friends immediately so you can try it. And I’m sure that you will certainly appreciate WASARA too, if you value logic and beauty.