House of the Avant-Garde

When it comes to style and fashion, Fendi caters to it all. Not stopping at apparel alone, the leading Italian fashion house also has a wide and varied home furnishings collection, ensuring you not only look good, but also live in an environment that reflects your refined sense of style.

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Taking its cue straight from the catwalk, you can be certain those stylish pumps you love so much will not only match your outfit, but also your Fendi recliner at home.

Created in 1989 as a natural evolution of its fashion line, the Fendi Casa home collection was the first of its kind. “Fendi was the first fashion brand that started creating a home collection. They started with a few products and it became successful so they decided to develop it. That was twenty years ago” says Giovanna Golnelli, marketing manager for Fendi Casa.

Today, numerous other fashion brands have followed in their wake, creating home design concepts that tap into their already existing client base.

No fashion house, however, has as much harmony with their fashion line and such an overwhelming amount of variety as Fendi Casa.

“We have a very huge collection, not only in choice of products but also in finishings. We give you a wide selection of leathers and fabrics in different colours to meet the needs of different customers around the world. We know that each country has its own culture, habits and needs. There are customers who prefer ivory and customers who prefer black or gold, and we have the possibility to satisfy their exigency,” says Golnelli.

In other words, Fendi Casa offers a concept of living: Italian, luxurious, stylish and of the highest quality craftsmanship.

The rest is up to you. Great care and attention is taken in the choice of fabrics and in the ‘mix’ of materials, creating new and innovative forms.

Teamed with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, the careful working and hand finishing of designs is what creates the fabric of the Fendi style.

feni furnishings“We create a Fendi atmosphere. That means that we do not only take care of single pieces:’ says Golnelli.

“What we like to say today to our clients is that we offer a total look. That means we take care of the details. Through accessories – like lamps, coffee tables, carpets, chandeliers and consoles – we give you a complete lifestyle for your home.”

And that’s not only limited to the home. Most recently, Fendi Casa showed its creativity and vitality by designing the interiors for the new CRN 128 yacht. Furnished with sofas, armchairs and coffee tables upholstered in ivory and dark brown leathers – this project is a true testament to Fendi Casa’s capabilities. The transference of the Fendi way of life is one that creates a complete couture environment.

After all, the home is the heart of a lifestyle; choice items of furniture act as a support for one’s most immediate and practical needs, with more significant, personalised pieces, reflective of an individual mood and style. And the Fendi customer wants more than just contemporary practicality. “They look for luxury and they want to feel comfortable in an elegant way,” says Golnelli.

Thankfully, for those of us in Hong Kong, we too can surround our homes with the Fendi style. To see it up-close, Fendi Casa has collaborated with the Cullinan – a landmark luxury residential project in Hong Kong, developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties – to come up with Milan Couture, a show flat embodying the Fendi style.

Available to view by appointment only, the 1,396 square foot, three-bedroom plus one suite show flat was designed and decorated entirely by Fendi Casa. With its rich fabrics, harmonious colour scheme and nonchalant elegance, this apartment is certain to inspire.