Godfather horse head pillow

Instead of giving coal to someone who’s been bad, why not try sending a message that’s a little more direct: the severed horse head.

Ever since Don Corleone ordered the death of Hollywood mogul Jack Woltz’ prize stallion, leaving the decapitated remains of a thoroughbred in someone’s bed has become the definitive way to express your displeasure.

We wouldn’t want you to get in any trouble with the SPCA, which is why we’re recommending Kropserkel’s stuffed version.

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Kropserkel is an Ontario-based movie prop company whose creations have appeared in dozens of films, but its main business is selling its prop recreations from its website.

In addition to the Godfather horse head pillow, it sells Fight Club soap (imagine the film’s poster), Battlestar Galactica uniforms and those bizarre wire masks they put on Hannibal Lecter when they don’t want him to eat anyone.

The horse head pillow, with its fabric bloody stump (complete with protruding neckbone), has proved so popular that the company is about to begin mass-producing them.

Eventually, this will lower the price. For now, they run $70 +$35 for int’l shipping. www.kropserkel.com