Intricate. Delicate. Details. Sleeker silhouette. Modern Sophistication. That describes the latest of G-star latest collection. While staying true to the brands driving ideals, and maintaining its rough, stylish and pure raw qualities-Star opens the door to afresh, clean and more sophisticated image for spring.

Most noticeable developments is in the women’s wear range which continues to grow at the greatest Rate.

Offering a cleaner aesthetic for spring, G-Star introduces jeans with subtler detailing, G-Star have created varied fits from high-waist skinny to a boyfriend cut jean, denim comes in white, raw and various washings, to suit ever style whim of the season.

Focusing on detailed graphics ‘The Studio Program’ presents a selection of t-shirts and sweats.

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The T-shirts show magnified images such as enlarged zippers, ‘no smoking’ symbols, oversized rivets and rough sketches and marks the move by G-Star into a more playful creative sphere.

Intrinsic to G-Star, ‘The Handcrafted Program’ continues to be the pinnacle of the range, combining hand-crafted techniques with high quality Japanese denim. ‘The Handcrafted program’ features denim in its most natural form, creating a limited range of jeans and jackets. Elwood styles in both loose and narrow fits, as well as a classic G-Star jacket are the featured piece.

The newest ‘Midnight Program’ is the answer to G-Star formal wear. It proves to be the most noticeably different to current G-Star collections. Designed for both men and women and using a monochrome pallet, the range is comprised of tailored garments including waistcoats, jackets, sleek dinner shirts and slim fit trousers. New fabrics, such as just black denim, fine waffle jersey and Merino wool, evoking a heightened level of sophistication.

Last but not least for spring/summer G-star presents ‘G-star by Marc Newson’ collection returns for a fourth season with its most influential designs to date. The renowned Australian industrial designer has focused an key iconic prints.

Men’s and women’s selvedge denim jeans as well as a full range of tees, sweats and jackets. Big, bold and colourful, the weekday t-shirts are key to the Marc Newson Range. Providing a design for Monday to Saturday and a seventh shirt. The week T, each shirt possesses one letter creatively inspired by animal silhouettes on the back spelling out, no other than the designer name himself ‘Newson’.