Fighting Fit; Fitness trends in Singapore

One obvious landmark is the huge gym that’s right smack in the centre of the bustling entertainment hub – there, you see throngs of people running for their lives, on the treadmill. They don’t care if you stare at them whilst snacking on a bag of chips because they know that they’re keeping fit and that’s all that matters.

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What does it mean to be fit? Is it really equivalent to a slim slender figure? Fitness can’t really be measured by one’s girth. Even the skinniest lady in town might not be anywhere near fit. Fitness is highly sought after, and exercise is de rigueur if you want a lean body. Truth be told, even the laziest person can be coaxed into trading the couch for a pair of running shoes these days.

But is it all just a trend – that’s the important question. There are so many sports and plenty of different workout routines, so how does one choose between yoga and rugby?

Think Singapore gives you a lowdown on the latest all rounded ‘keep fit’ routine that encompasses the mind as well as the body. It’s now up to you to decide if you want to get off your butts and move your way to a fitter body.


Comprising of various different elements, yoga is really more concentrated on the mind. A form of meditation, yoga afiancidos swear by it’s effectiveness in keeping a lean body while maintaining a peaceful mind.

Deep concentration is crucial in yoga. It’s almost an art that takes into consideration not only the physical aspect of man, but also his mind and soul. It purifies the mind and aims to maintain a balance with the body as well. This is where Hatha Yoga comes in.

yoga in singaporeThe 7 segments of Hatha Yoga are as follows:

1. Bodily purification,

2. Asanas,

3. Musras,

4. Pratyahara,

5. Pranayama,

6. Dhyana,

7. Samadhi.

Of course, with all exercise regime, a healthy diet is ideal too. People who do yoga are encouraged to up their intake of fresh food – vegetables, fruits and milk should take precedence over canned, refined and processed foods.

Done regularly, Hatha Yoga gives one a more youthful face, a trim graceful figure with good posture and better blood circulation and of course, a healthy body.


Founded by Joseph Pilates, this physical fitness regime was developed in the 20th century with the intention of using the mind to control one’s muscles; it’s also known as ‘The Art of Contrology’. Joseph was a medic in the first world war and he came up with a series of movements bed-ridden soldiers could cope with. Understandably, the Pilates Reformer is actually an improved version of the original hospital bed.

There are more than 500 specific exercises in Pilates but the most common motions belong to the “matwork” series. Similar to yoga, Pilates uses the human body to build flexibity and strength without relying too much on machines.

The Pilates Technique focuses on the ‘powerhouse’, which is simply the abs area and also the lower back and bottom. Pilates leads to an increased in body co-ordination and flexibility rather than muscle strength or stamina. It’s only in recent years that people have started adding Pilates into their fitness regime, to gain a toned bod and increase weight loss.


Kickboxing consists of many forms and it’s simply a term for sporting martial arts that can be quite similar to boxing – only difference is that it involves both the hands and the feet. Other forms of kickboxing include Muay Thai, Bando (Burmese), and Karate (American). Kickboxing involves the use of all limbs to provide one with a full body workout.

This aerobic and anaerobic workout promises to improve agility, stamina and endurance, while burning off those calories. It also helps build one’s skeletal and muscular strength. Not only will you be able to burn off those fats, you’ll also be preventing osteoporosis because of the impact based system that kickboxing encompasses.

Fit for life

Fitness is something that can’t be bought – what you need is determination and a steely mind. As they always say, only the mind can overcome matter. Want to get a head start but don’t know where to look? Worry not, because we’ve compiled a beginner’s list of places you can go to start keeping fit.

Beyond Extreme: Contact Jason at +65 9092-1358 for more details.

This company provides exercise and fitness classes in Kickboxing, Fitness Yoga, Power Pilates, and much more. They have well trained professionals and instructors that are certified by reputable and internationally recognized organizations like the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF).

Rejuvoir – The Mind Body Labs: ( 50 Armenian Street, Wilmer Place, #04-01/02 Tel: +65 6837-0313 Email:

Committed to providing quality mind-body programmes like Yoga for kids, pregnant mums and Pilates, Rejuvoir aims to offer a much holistic and contemporary approach to health and fitness. They hold weekly classes at their premises and they also conduct classes and workships at corporate locations.

Miracle Gardens: ( 69B Killiney Road Tel: +65 6836-0060.

With a wide offering of classes in Yoga, meditations and Reiki, Miracle Gardens aims to liberate the body and soul and tap into the core of health and fitness in their customers. They also provide self-realisation workshops and consultations.

Ivana Daniell Studio: ( Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard #09-06/07 Tel: +65 6736-2991Email:

Touted as South East Asia’s first Gyrotonic studio (pictured), Ivana Daniell has established itself by offering a unique and holistic programme that features the principles of swimming, ballet, Yoga and gymnastics. They also combine Pilates and Gyrotonic in their fitness routine. This studio also offers sport-specific training and clinical exercise. Their instructors are highly qualified to analyse each client’s individual needs.