Fer Shure! E Series headphones…

Something like sex for your ears.

So you’ve just gotten your bonus, and you’re looking for the perfect thing to spend it on.

Well, if you’re feeling generous, or just plain rich, Shure’s newest in-ear E series of headphones should be the perfect $500 gift for yourself, or someone.

And before you go “WHAT??!!!” let me remind you that this is Shure we’re talking about. Even B&O has to bow when it comes to Shure’s headphones.

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Featuring a Tuned Port technology, that enhances the tiny earphones’ bass response by improving airflow around the driver.

Shure’s earplug-like design also blocks out background noise so that you can listen at lower volumes in noisy trains, buses, and planes. There’s also an awesome volume controller, the Shure EA650 Volume Control for Shure E/SE Series Sound Isolating Earphones, available at Amazon.com.

And since it’s simply a matter of excellent design, and not battery operated like most noise-cancelling earphones, you don’t have to worry about weight or replacing batts. Once you go Shure, you never go back. You’ll never want to.