EDC by Esprit

No Rules, No Limits! Another San Francisco brand (hey, betcha didn’t know the guys who started Think Magazine are from SF too!).

Flash back to America, 1968. Susie and Doug Tompkins are travelling through California in a station wagon filled with homemade clothes.

Theirs was an unconventional method of selling – from the back seat of a vehicle – but even their very first customers are delighted, and one of the world’s most successful young fashion brands is born, Esprit.

No newcomers to Singapore, Esprit is going back to their roots with edc by Esprit – a very trendy line for both men and women that includes matching accessories and shoes. Check out this floral check Floran shirt, priced right at just $80.

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A team of international designers translates the Esprit attributes into regular collections self-confidently, naturally, stylishly and sensually. Esprit also invests continuously in quality and fit – high standards that are also maintained in manufacture.

“Our customers expect us to produce contemporary, high quality and yet affordable goods”, explains Heinz Krogner. “And not only do we have to do so, but we have to make sure we do so continuously and over a long period of time”.