Dopod P800W

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With full windows capability, including PPT, you have a virtual office everywhere you go. But with a rated battery life of only five hours, you will need to recharge quickly.

The installed applications include Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push technology; Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Reader (PDF), IE Mobile, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, Pocket MSN, Active sync, Comm Mgr, FM Radio, Internet Sharing, Map King R12 w/SEA maps (choice of one country), Sprite Backup, Audio Manager, CE-Star (via web download)

Okay, so what makes this so special? Did you ever get lost in any country? Always thought a GPS navigation system was or could be a useful gadget? Well the DOPOD P800W has one!!! It allows you to connect to MAP KING, which will give you a route from anywhere in SG or JB.

You could even take a picture of the place you are at, embed the GPS SATELLITE co-ordinates in to it, send it via MMS, and the person on the other end will be able to track you down; as long as they have the same phone of course…. Not too good for those drunken nights with pals and you accidentally send it to the wife.

All in all, this a truly great phone, it will take some working out as there are a lot of features that you will not be aware of. But once you get around them, you will have a remarkably functional phone that allows you to be in contact with anyone around the world. It even has a VOIP function, allowing you to make calls over the internet in any Wi-Fi zone. My rating is *****. (I have asked the boss for one as my Christmas bonus).

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