Don’t know what to wear? Ask Dr Dapper!

Dear Dr D,
I notice something strange happened to jeans. Some of them feature side seams that seem to have gone askew; they don’t hang straight. But, still, they look kind of interesting. I am 80kg and wear a size 36. Do you think these jeans will look good on me?
– Denim Joe

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Those jeans with crooked seams are known as ‘engineered’ (a name coined by Levi’s) jeans. The side seam meanders towards the middle of the leg because, that way, the shape of the jeans will follow the contours of the limbs, and make them more comfortable to wear. But it would serve you well to know that while jeans may be able to do a lot of things style-wise, they cannot hide a multitude of sins. With your contours, you should stay with Levi’s regular-fit five-pocket jeans.

Dear Dr D
Come weekends, I like to slip into a comfy T-shirt and a pair of shorts, having spent the rest of the week in shirt and tie. My girlfriend thinks I look sloppy and wants me to wear a shirt when we go out, say, to the movies. I really don’t want to. How can I make her accept simple me?
– Casual Guy

It’s your call: a happy girlfriend or a comfy lifestyle? The way I see it, many women just want their guy to look spiffy, which is not an unreasonable demand. Your girlfriend probably doesn’t mind if you don’t wear a shirt; she just wants to see you in something nicely ironed and non-crumply. So tell her this: no business shirt, but instead of a round neck tee, you will wear a polo shirt or a T-with a collar. Relationship counsellors call this compromise.

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