Classic fashion

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What’s old is new is now old again.

In our day, when we wanted our jeans to look worn, we could either buy vintage second hand jeans (a huge industry in itself), or simply slash it strategically ourselves and rub it in dirt from the car park asphalt. But back around the millinnium, jeans manufacturers did it for you.

Now those jeans are becoming retro, and the one that’s stood the test of time in terms of value and style is Levi’s Worn Out Aged Jeans. Using cutting-edge textile technology to give new jeans that "been there, done that" bohemian look, pre-rubbing made the denim look used and feel soft, while silicon made the pockets droop. The gradual fade thing is carried out at the right spots and the whole pair is creased and crumpled for that instant vintage look. Young people nowadays have everything so easy, eh?

Matthew Williamson

Up all night…

Ikepod goes rectangular with its latest Manatee World Time watch. Able to read twenty-four time zones simultaneously, it features cities on an inner dual that turns with the movement. The outer dial in turn indicates the twenty-four time zones. All are chronometers and water-resistant to 50 metres.

Louis Vuitton’s portfolio

Too cool for school

Another item well worth looking for new or in the vintage or second hand boutiques… Carry your artwork in this creation and you’re more likely to worry about it getting wet than your work. Louis Vuitton’s portfolio has the trademark monogram silk-screened onto the nappa leather and is lined with Alcantara to protect whatever you should put in it. Available in two sizes, both in numbered, limited editions: 1 to 50 for the large model and 1 to 150 for the smaller.

Montblanc Bohème Vert

Writing well

Even if your handwriting sucks, at least you’ll look classy when you whip out this latest addition to the Montblanc Bohème collection. The Montblanc Bohème Vert pen comes in the standard black resin barrel and cap with a handcrafted 14-karat gold nib ornamented with platinum inlays. A sparkly green gem on the clip completes this writing jewel and gives it the touch of vert (that’s green in French). Try not to lose it on the metro.