Bad T-Shirts

I am becoming overwhelmed with anxiety as I began noticing how many ridiculous T-shirts some people actually wear out in public. When I see somebody with a horrible shirt I immediately become embarrassed for him or her.

Then, I begin to wonder what sort of horrible shirt they were wearing when they bought the terrible shirt that they are wearing now. You must understand; there are many types of ugly T-shirts. This is a list of my 5 least favourite.

tacky t-shirts

TYPE: Bad Concert T-Shirt

TYPE: Craft Shirt TYPE: Joke Shirt

TYPE: Product Shirt

TYPE: American Pride Shirt

PURCHASED AT: A bad concert

PURCHASED AT: discount store

PURCHASED AT: any shopping mall (especially in Lucky Plaza)

PURCHASED AT: unknown to the human race

PURCHASED AT: Anywhere, U.S.A., (usually made in China)

EXAMPLES: Courtney Love/Color Me Badd/ Lenny Kravitz

EXAMPLES: cloth hearts decorated with ribbons/sparkly plastic jewels hot glued to triangles

EXAMPLES: any reference to beer, sex, marriage or Singapore being a ‘fine city’

EXAMPLES: Old Navy/ Energizer/ Nike/ Hilfiger

EXAMPLES: flags with guns/eagles with 9-11 banner/George W. Bush’s face on Mount Rushmore
OFFENSIVE RATING: (MEDIUM) – I have seen so many that I am becoming numb to them.

OFFENSIVE RATING: (LOW) – At least they like arts and crafts.

OFFENSIVE RATING: (HIGH) – Usually worn with an equally insulting hat.

OFFENSIVE RATING: (HIGH) – I really loathe walking billboards.

OFFENSIVE RATING: (HIGH) – Seeing these makes me want to break things.
*BE CAREFUL: The people who invest in and wear these atrocities may be able to drive and/or fight.