TATTOO: An Ancient and Intimate Craft


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Tattooing by puncture, with a sharp tool or needle which introduces a dye under the top layer of skin, was first practiced, so far as we know, in Ancient Egypt. Clay dolls fashioned during that civilization are the earliest evidence of tattooing to have been preserved. There are two of these dolls, with their tattoo-marks, in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford…

Inkling for fun

So… You want to get tattooed. Great! This can be a rewarding and life-enriching experience… IF done right. Knowing HOW to get tattooed is key to being happy with this decision.

I hope in the following paragraphs to help you learn the skills necessary to get a good tattoo, one you can live with. People get tattooed for a number of reasons… some good, some not so good.