Chupa Shark

Ever start slurpin’ on a Chupa pop and decide you just can’t finish it? What to do with this pop while there is still wholesome goodness on the stick? Wrap it in paper? Stick it in your pocket uncovered? Naw, get yourself a Chupa Shark (or a Chupa Croc) and rest assured that your pop 

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Dog Translator

Does your dog bark a lot and get you all frustrated while you try to figure out if he’s just bored or angry or maybe lonely? Now life would be much easier once you get a dog translator. No it’s not a joke. This gadget called the Bowlingual was invented by Takara, a Japanese toy 

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Your old toy has done gone & grown up… Remember the Tamagotchi craze that swept the world a decade ago?¬†Back then I was still a kid who was wet behind his ears, and never really managed to save enough money to purchase one for my enjoyment, no thanks to my healthy diet of comics from 

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