The Mind Molestor

Insert evil laughter here… For only US$19, you can play one of the cruelest, most infuriating practical jokes ever developed. The Mind Molester from Shomer-Tec is an inch-long circuit that you attach to a 9-volt battery and hide in someone’s home, office or car. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Once hooked up, the unit lets out a short, 

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All worshippers of the last Solar Eclipse have by now thrown out their ugly glasses, but us computer game freaks get something better. You don’t need either a new monitor or a new computer with the surprise sensation on the Cebit ’99 convention; the 3D spectacles known as the 3D-REVELATOR. Put them on, vanish into 

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Tech 2 Wear

  {loadposition content_adsensecontent} | 1> MPIO FL 300 The world’s smallest & lightest necklace-type MP3 player. It has 3 capacities: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, and can record 8 hours of voice or music, and has alarm clock and USB storage functions [$219-$299] | 2> Mobile Bluetooth Headset, Effective up to 10 metres for 8 hours talk 

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