Juke Boxes

Saffire-USA Jukebox Station

iPod-ready jukebox so you can iRock around the clock Pacific Rim Technologies has announced a vintage-style jukebox featuring a built-in universal docking cradle for iPods. The JP100W1-RGB iPod Jukebox Station with Universal Dock, FM Radio, and Remote Control (in 3 Colors) is designed and manufactured by Saffire-USA, a Jukebox Station features a wood enclosure, FM 

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Sony DVP-CX995V

Is your music and movie library a mess? Sony comes to the rescue for the busy (or lazy) individual whose DVD and CD collection is entirely disorganised. The Sony DVPCX995V 400-Disc DVD Mega Changer/Player is an entertainment organiser which holds up to 400 discs and provides near-highdefinition for movies and high quality audio. It’s compatible with 

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