Motorola Razr Z

Read and weep. Or rather, look and weep, especially all you fans of the sliding mobile phone, first made popular by Siemens and LG. Motorola has, in line with its existing aim of taking back the thinnest phone fight from NEC, created the world’s thinnest slider phone, at only 14.8mm thick. It’s the Motorola Razr 

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Moto Madness

Darren Ho makes a tough decision… You know when a thing has become a fad, a trend, when it develops a following not just from consumers, but also from the corporations. After the iPod won the world over with its dazzling white glamour, Motorola hit the world with its Razr sharpness. It struck like the 

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RED MotoRazr V3xx

A phone with a good cause, RED marries the private sector with the buying power of the public in an effort to generate a sustainable flow of private sector funds towards the fight to eliminate AIDS in Africa. As the exclusive worldwide wireless partner for (PRODUCT) RED, Motorola has developed a unique MOTO RED portfolio 

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