Jabra JX10

Ever found it too big? Too tight? Too… uncomfortable? Well, help is on the way. For all of you who feel that size matters, Jabra has a new headset. Designed by world renowned Danish designer Jacob Jensen, the Jabra JX-10 Bluetooth Headset has function and form. And it’s a perfect gift for your someone special. 

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How many times have you found yourself with a dying cell phone and no power outlet in sight? Never again with Charge2Go!, an ingenious invention that allows you to charge your phone anywhere with a standard AA battery. The $25 Charge2Go comes in a variety of colors and arrives packaged with enough conversion cables to 

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Are you Yubz?

Nostalgic for the time when you’d enjoy an epic phone conversation with your shoulder cradling the receiver? Yubz BLUETOOTH Retro Cell Phone Handset offers a fun way to embrace the past. In addition to making those Skype conversations seem more like a traditional phone chat, Yubz adds a post-postmodern touch to cell phone communications. {loadposition 

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