NEW Natio Spa with Organics

Enriched with certified organic plant extracts

Turn your world into an oasis of calm with Natio Spa with Organics. Bath and body care enriched with certified organic plant extracts and essential oils to nurture wholeheartedly.

Free of pesticides and herbicide residue. Farmed using efficient organic methods, ensuring environmental responsibility and strict standards of animal welfare. Make time for yourself – enliven your body and refresh your soul. Select from eight products to revive, rebalance and relax:

Spa with Organics Pep-Up Body Cleanser is a pure foaming gel to cleanse your body and natural aromatics to revitalize your soul. Squeeze a small amount of the invigorating gel onto hands or sponge, then lightly massage over moist skin. Ayurvedic essences wash away daily grime and impurities. For all skin types. With certified organic Ginkgo Biloba, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Basil…

Simply Perfect

Créme de la Mer has now expanded to include cleansers, toners and a face mist. Each new product contains the miracle ingredients that have made La Mer products simply perfect.

Créme de la Mer has been the one of the best-kept secrets in the beauty world for years. Known by its users as a near-miraculous healing cream, Créme de la Mer has remarkable moisturising, skin softening and anti ageing-properties.

The miracle started with Max Huber, an aerospace physicist from NASA who suffered severe chemical burns on his face and eyes following an accident at work. Huber developed an enduring interest in skincare after the numerous medical treatments and therapeutic preparations he had to endure.

He later built a laboratory in his own home and conducted more than six thousand experiments. Twelve years later, in 1965, Créme de la Mer was born.

The key ingredient in Huber’s creation was sea kelp, which he harvested fresh from the Pacific. Other ingredients include calcium, eucalyptus, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins, citrus, alfalfa, sunflower and wheat germ. The combination of these vitamins and kelp produce micronutrients that help energise the skin.

Huber realised that most skincare products are manufactured in high temperatures and using involved processes, which diminish the effectiveness of key ingredients – like overcooked vegetables being stripped of their nutritional value…

Isabella’s Goodies

Manifesto is a line of makeup from Isabella Rossellini designed to offer women the highest quality products in a simple, functional and creative form. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Introducing a complete line of makeup from foundations, blushes, lipsticks, mascaras, powder and nail enamel reflecting Isabella’s own personal style, there is something for everyone. Manifesto Perfume For Women 

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In Bloom

Natalie Bloom, the founder of Bloom, has added to her collection with a funky line of makeup. Check out new additions, such as Bloom Eyebrown Essentials, Alluringly Arched eyebrow definers and eye crayons in cool, shimmery colours, like Glisten and Glance.

MAC Spring Bloom

What’s hot this spring? Many of the designers are showing lots of colour this season on both the face and on the clothing. Makeup adds definition to the face and this spring, the key look is fresh, healthy glowing skin with hints of bright, tropical colours. So define your vigour and passion for life with 

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