Casio PHYS RFT-100WC

In line with World Cup fever, Japanese watch maker Casio has created the PHYS RFT-100WC, a sports watch for soccer referees, that will be the official referee watch for the World Cup this year. The watch has several functions that makes it a perfect choice as a referee’s watch.

Casio is not stopping there. It has announced a series of officially licensed watches for the World Cup this year as well for the consumer, and this watches will be on sale around the world, bearing the Official Marks of the 2006 World Cup and the FIFA brand. The official World Cup Model is a metal chronograph with an image of the Trophy on its face.

Casio is also releasing an additional four G-SHOCKs in different colours and styles, in both digital and analog models. So hop on to World Cup feva’, and pick up one of these babies to proclaim your faithfulness to the Game!