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If you love high-end digital photography but hate the high-end prices, then Casio has just the camera you need: The Casio Exilim EX-Z750 7.2 Megapixel Digital Camera.

With a 7.2 megapixel CCD imaging element, this sexy, yes sexy, camera delivers superior picture quality with remarkably high definition, while the optical 3X zoom lens and large 2.5-inch liquid crystal display assure enjoyable operation.

If you know your photography, you can switch off the smart auto-system and switch to manual operation, unlike many of the digital cameras out there. But then, why would you?

This camera comes with an extremely versatile array of shooting functions, enabling a variety of effects. Using MPEG-4 format, high quality movies can also be taken in VGA size (640 x 480 pixels) at 30 frames per second, and improved battery life enables the shooting of approximately 325 shots (CIPA standards)* on a battery charge.

When set in its cradle, A/V signal output allows the user to view the photos or movies on an external video monitor such as television. It's ideal for shutterbugs looking to create superior images in challenging lighting conditions.

You can select aperture priority, shutter priority, or simply select from several unique Best Shot modes to enhance the images.

The 0.9-second continuous shooting mode and low light assist, helps capture sharp images such as fast action or low light scenes, perfect for clubbing.

The pre-record or Past Movie mode continuously captures 5 seconds of video automatically into buffer memory to ensure that the user records the critical video prior to pushing the shutter. You can also select from several different Movie Best Shot modes and do simple video editing within the camera.

Very nice indeed!

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Casio's stylish new Exilim Pro EX-P700 is a remarkably high performance, high resolution camera.

It offers ease of use along with stunningly beautiful high rez image making thanks to its 7.2 million pixel CCD imaging element and a full array of features that make digital photography a breeze.

The EXILIM range of compact cameras are enjoying immense popularity around the world due to their unique combination of high performance and stylish design, such as the 2" LCD monitor screen, 4X optical zoom, and virtually instantaneous responsiveness.

My fave feature is the Business Shot, which provides automatic alignment correction for photos taken at an angle, altering shots as though they were taken from a straight-on front position!

This camera is available at just S$999, so you can pick up a whole dozen!

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The arrival of the Leica M8.2 Body Digital Rangefinder Camera (Silver Chrome Body) heralds a welcome new era for the German company famous for manufacturing the best camera lenses in the world.

The body retains the handsome, rugged, old-world design of the legendary M-series rangefinder cameras and provides 10.3 megapixel resolution.

The low-noise CCD image sensor comes standard with a 160 ISO capable of maxing out at ISO 2500-meaning the M8 is perfectly suited for low-light photography.

The best part: The body is virtually compatible with all lenses in the Leica M range produced since 1954. 

More info at www.leica.com
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