Calory Answer

We know what you’re thinking: Why in the world would a pastel toaster oven with a misspelled neon sign make a good holiday gift?

Well, for starters, it isn’t a toaster oven – it’s a spectroscopic calorimeter. This is the Calory Answer [sic], a new device that can evaluate food’s nutritional information with the push of a button. No, really.

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This $28,000 contraption runs on Windows XP and can accurately calculate the protein, sugars and fat content of any food. How?

We’ve read the press release several times, and all we know is that it uses some sort of “near-infrared analysis.”

Normally, the combination of bad neon grammar and junk science keywords would make us skeptical, but since Joy World Pacific is one of Japan’s most respected engineering firms, we’ll take their word for it. Plus, its website links to a number of newspaper articles about the Calory Answer.

If only we could read Japanese…