BODS conscious? But where does fashion fit in? Compelled by passion albeit a busy modern lifestyle with fashion assimilated and interpreted from pieces of French culture and Asian influences, the Bods.Bodynits DayDream Spring/Summer collection sweeps you away from the humdrum of urban life into fascinating shades and denim fits of paradoxical hideaways and phenomenon fantasies of dreams and holidays.

Enjoy wild roses, lilies and walking the dogs to rejuvenate your senses or simply dream away into a picturesque view of the Mediterranean in your regular workout session. Whilst bods is thoroughly masculine in its design philosophy, bodynits takes on a softer and more directional stance in line with it female audience.

Bods.Bodynits DayDream Spring/Summer collection ensemble exudes a young, fresh, romantic and sexy with a sporty appeal in their high degrees of mixable “cross-over wearable fashion” elements.

The collection features more than 500 styles each season, so complete the whole BODS look with their hip range of fashion accessories and gadgets. Prices ranges from $19.90 – $119.90. Keep a look out for their new concept store BOarDing next year. The Bods.Bodynits DayDream Spring/Summer collection will be available at all Bods.Bodynits store next year.