Bluetooth in Bedd!

My first paycheck, and I just had to run out and pick up a spanking new Nokia. Knowing it was bluetooth-ready, I also got myself a very affordable D-Link Bluetooth adaptor for my Mac. Let me just say the integration rocks!

While the phone and laptop are paired up, if my phone gets an SMS message, a pop-up appears on the laptop with the message in its entirety, and an opportunity to reply using the keyboard instead of the keypad on the phone. So nice, for heavy SMS users like me.

All I have to do is go to the address book, click on the phone number I want, click “Dial” and it’s off. Isn’t that simple? Call me a happy camper. Now I just need to get the internet-access-via-the-phone working, and I’ll be golden.

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An even cooler thing about having a Bluetooth enabled phone, is a new software product called BEDD, set to be unveiled this month, here in Singapore.

While hanging at the Starbucks on Orchard, I learned how BEDD allows users to interact with each other in whole new ways by using their mobile phones. You can colour me impressed.

Once loaded onto your mobile phone, it searches automatically for personals, adverts and buddies, allowing you to communicate immediately via Bluetooth chat messaging, SMS, MMS, IM, Call or Email.

Once installed, you can BEDDshare the software to other Bluetooth owners, SMS for free within Bluetooth range using BEDDtalk and meet new people for friendship or romance through BEDDmates.

Features like BEDDbuddies will alert you when your buddies are close by, while BEDDbay allows users to use the phone as a real time shopping platform for buying, selling and trading.

BEDD works automatically as people go through their day, is very inexpensive and allows users to meet immediately. There’s no registration required, no costly subscription fees, nor time consuming searching of profiles or lists of items.

The possibilities of finding, communicating and interacting with other people and finding products have now moved from newspapers and internet to the mobile phone!

– How can you get it? User’s can give the software to each other via BEDDshare. Download to their PC, then IR or Bluetooth to their phone. Or, WAP download to their phone from BEDD’s web site and other various locations. How much is it? Just 98¢ a month, with a fixed flat fee and unlimited use.

Charge hits phone bill automatically via 1900 premium call every 30 days. Check out the BEDD Launch Live! and look out for fun activities, fantastic promotions and you may just walk away with a brand new mobile phone loaded with BEDD! Takes place May 22/23 and June 12/13 at Heeren on Orchard Road.

For more information, check out BEDD’s web site at