Are you Hardy? Ed Hardy?

It’s the first store of its brand in all of Asia, and even during renovations, it was drawing the attention of passers-by in the Heeren.

If you’ve never heard of Don Ed Hardy, then you are one uncool person. Famous for his tattoo designs, Ed teamed up with international “King of Jeans” designer Christian Audigier to start a new concept of tattoo wear in California.

If you thought Christian’s work in Fiorucci or Diesel and Von Dutch was good, you’re in for an unexpectedly rough ride. Less than a year old, and Ed Hardy’s designs are so grunge and wildly successful that everyone is wearing them, from Jude “I’m-so-sorry-I-slept-with-my-nanny” Law to Fergie and even Black Eyed Peas! Christian takes distressed materials to a new level, while Ed’s tattoo designs range from Japanese geisha to American eagle.

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Very much a blend of motorcycle culture and Hollywood stardom, Audigier predicts that his line will earn $12 million in its first year, and Audigier hopes to open at least 10 stores in the next five years all over the world. He also hopes to market the brand to major shopping malls all over the world.

In fact, Ed hardy had a Runway SG event on 5The November, before our printing, and as such we won’t be able to bring details and highlights of the event to you, but expect to be charmed by great Perfect 10 hosts, while winning Ed Hardy merchandise. There will also be a fashion show and party at the Heeren Atrium at 4pm on that day.