Have you insured your handbag?

A handbag is as big a part of the average woman’s outfit as a tie is to a man’s suit. It’s not just a storage space, a handbag is a huge fashion accessory. It complements an entire outfit and is almost part of a woman’s identity. As a person of the male gender writing this piece, I sometimes wish I had something equivalent to a handbag in which I could store the many bits and bobs I pick up on my travels. Sadly “man bags” seem to be frowned upon for some reason.

 Now I’d like you imagine that you are faced with an unwanted parting of the ways with your beloved handbag. You’ve probably got just about your whole life in your trusty friend. Your keys, mobile phone, purse, maybe a treasured photograph. It’s often said that a woman’s handbag is the key to her soul. Of course nothing is going to fully compensate for the trauma of losing your handbag, or having it stolen, but handbag insurance can do a great deal to soften the blow.

Should your faithful companion be insured, then you at least have one small positive to take from being parted with it- the cost of having your handbag replaced is covered. With the money you’ll receive as compensation for such a devastating loss, you’ll be able to replace the majority of the items contained within. Of course a cherished photograph or a family heirloom cannot be returned to you, save for a very large stroke of luck, but having your handbag covered will at the very least simplify things to a small degree.

 Unfortunately, with a handbag there’s a very high chance of having it stolen. A beautiful handbag would be the envy of many a woman and there are those who are dishonest enough to try and take it. There are people who will want to obtain possession of it in an unlawful manner in order to sell it to make profit. Insuring it will probably be one of the most astute decisions you will ever make. Taking out insurance is effectively hassle free and is really worth taking out that little bit of extra time in your busy schedule to do. Having an uninsured handbag lost or stolen would feel like being kicked repeatedly in a very painful part of the body. Having the same happen to an insured handbag would merely feel like a brief slap to the face.